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Assisted Interviews

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Why ask for a reference?

Let us come with you.

Let us handle it..

Why not let us find the right nanny for you. We will filter your CV's so you only employee the right candidate. Your family is our priority. 

You have now selected your candidates that are right for you and it is time to conduct interviews. It is very important to ask the right questions. We here to help you every step of the way. Simple let us come along to the interview with you. We can travel to your home or a mutual place; the decision is yours. We can discuss all your requirements prior to the candidate arriving. You can also conduct the interviews at ours. Why not do it in a professional location? We can help provide you with an dedicated interview room. 

  • This is a service we provide for a very reasonable price - why not give us a call for a quote. 
  • We also offer a 25% discount on this service if you have used our nanny job advert and CV vetting services. 

Let us be there in the interview with you. Or why not come to ours?

So you placed your advert, selected your best candidates but now need to interview? We can help. 

The care for children is very important. When letting people in contact we recommend at least two references.

Assisted Interviews



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