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Nanny Screening Services

Nanny Screeningg

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If employing a nanny is not the route you would like to take, then why not allow us to recruit a nanny for you. Please send us your childcare requirements.

For you we have developed a dedicated service that is tailored around family life. We have families ourselves so we know the demands placed on you. Please conduct us and let us know your requirements. We are flexible and can provide anything your family needs. 

Is there is anything else?

Do you require insurance for example? we can help. Please call one of our advisors for more help. That's what we are here for. 

Employing anyone brings with it a catalogue of employment legislation and policies that are complex but necessary; we can support you through this and ensure you understand your legal responsibility as an employer. We supply Employment contracts, PAYE Services, Insurance advice and we assist you with interviews. We are here every step of the way. 
There are lots of things we, we not give us a call and discuss ours services that may suit you and your family.

other services

  • We can be flexible - sort all the holiday pay for you. Help is at hand.

our payroll services

Dealing with a payroll for one employee can be a lot of work.  Alphabet Childcare can conduct this service for you.

All we need from you is the number of hours your nanny is working, the rate of pay and any other relevant details regarding bonuses. We will then produce monthly payslips, inform you of how much tax and NI needs to be paid, as well as P60's and P45's when necessary.  We are also always available for advice regarding any payroll or tax information. All this at the small charge of £25 per month.

PAYE services explained

Why ask for a reference?

Why advertise?

Is CV right for you?

Let us come with you.

Let us handle it..

Why not let us find the right nanny for you. We will filter your CV's so you only employee the right candidate. Your family is our priority. 

employment contracts

You have selected your chosen nanny ''congratulations'' they now need an employment contract.We can help. 

Alphabet Childcare have a dedicated team that has been successfully assisting our client's nanny contracts for many years. It has come to the time when you have decided to employee someone. You will need a robust, safe and easy to follow employment contract for your nanny. We can help provide this ensuring we capture all your specified requirements. So to protect your interests and please get in touch. Let us take away the strain of drafting this for you. 

You have now selected your candidates that are right for you and it is time to conduct interviews. It is very important to ask the right questions. We here to help you every step of the way. Simple let us come along to the interview with you. We can travel to your home or a mutual place; the decision is yours. We can discuss all your requirements prior to the candidate arriving. You can also conduct the interviews at ours. Why not do it in a professional location? We can help provide you with an dedicated interview room. 

  • This is a service we provide for a very reasonable price - why not give us a call for a quote. 
  • We also offer a 25% discount on this service if you have used our nanny job advert and CV vetting services. 

Let us be there in the interview with you. Or why not come to ours?

So you placed your advert, selected your best candidates but now need to interview? We can help. 

assisted nanny interviews

  • This is a service we offer per CV vetting service purchased- some other companies will only vet so many CV's, they limit it. Well with us it is simple; the more CV's you receive the more we vet for you there is no limit to this. 
  • We also offer a 25% discount on this service if you have used our nanny job advert service. 

Why not let us find the right nanny for you. We will filter your CV's so you only employee the right candidate. Your family is our priority. 

nanny CV vetting

Have you created a successful job advert? Have you not received plenty of CV's? Our vetting service can help you decide. 

With our years of experience in childcare recruitment, we're experts in sifting through large numbers of applications and pulling out those who are relevant for the parents we are recruiting for. It takes training and practice to acquire this skill and our local teams have plenty of both. 

Do you require to create a nanny job advert?:
We are a well established organisation that has a vast amount of experience in recruiting nannies. We can help you create a nanny job advert which reflects exactly what you are looking for. Our childcare recruitment has been extremely successful which has led to many ideal matching of nannies and families. Our approach is sensitive and personal focused on the needs of the family. We pride ourselves in this very individual approach and offer our families a comprehensive service when hiring a nanny. 

Creating a nanny job can be key to finding the right person. Let us help you on the way with an advert made for your family. 

nanny job adverts

The care for children is very important. When letting people in contact we recommend at least two references.

nanny reference checks

DBS checks for your nanny

We have fourteen years worth of experience and have compiled a standard format carefully considered in order to gain the essential information from previous employers that is necessary when hiring a nanny. To complete this service, we will require the individuals name and contact details. One of our team will then directly contact your candidate to gain their permission to acquire this information. 
Obtaining references for your nanny:

What happens next?

  • If this is service you require please do not hesitate to call us for a quote....''Oh and just so you know'' we will not be beaten on price.....will match it and take off does that sound?

Alphabet Childcare will monitor the progress through the system and inform you by email and telephone of the outcome as soon as possible. It is against data protection for a copy of the disclosure to be given to you but your nanny will receive a copy to her home address and Alphabet can divulge to you if the nanny check is clean.

More information about DBS (Disclosure and barring service) safety checks:
When hiring a nanny it is important to complete back round checks to ensure the individual is safe and not a risk to your child. All our nannies are DBS checked, they undergo an enhanced police disclosure. We can offer you this service for you. We will require the name and contact details of yourself and the individual you want he checks completed on. One of our friendly team will then contact them directly and invite them into our office to verify their identity. Once this process is complete we can then begin the enhanced police check process. We will carefully track the application every step of the way. Due to data protection legislation, the results of the application will be sent directly to the candidate; however Alphabet Childcare will also receive a copy and will be able to tell you if the application identifies anything of concern.

nanny screening services for you and your family

making the right choice for your family can often be a difficult one - we're here to help every step of the way

Once you have found the ideal nanny for you and your family we will support you in obtaining references, completing DBS safety checks (formally known as CRB checks) and all the essential and necessary processes to ensure you are completely satisfied with your chosen candidate. Your family is yours and ours priority, together we will find you the right nanny. This can be achieved by using our dedicated nanny screening services below. It is ''pix and mix'' so choose what you need and leave the rest up to us. 
Finding the right nanny for your family can be daunting. There are many things to consider and how and where do you start? We are experts in this field and can help support and guide you through this process. We will help you identify the key tasks you require, consider the type of personality of a nanny that will suit your individual needs. Support you with advertising and assist you with searching to ensure you find the perfect candidate for you.