• Accessing benefits, grants and financial support                          
  • Getting to appointments
  • Establishing routines Using local services or specialist support
  • Getting involved with your local community
  • Offering a shoulder to cry on                                
  • Sharing their own experiences of parenting and family life                             
  • Being there because they want to be – not because someone has '‘sent'' them         
  • Giving you a break                       
  • Offering advice if you ask for                             
  • Providing support, friendship and encouragement

''We also offer all this support on a 1:1 basis for Parents with Learning Difficulties''

  ''If you find things difficult or just simply require a helping hand please give a call''

  • We will help you with practical tasks and emotional support such as:
Foster parents
Families where a parent is in the Armed Forces
Families where a parent is in prison
Families where social care or other agencies are involved
In any location, or for any gender, ethnicity or asylum/immigration status
Adoptive parents
Grandparents caring for grandchildren
Step parents
Lone parents
Married or unmarried couples
We support

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Social Work Services

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Advice And Practical Support In The Home

Why choose us?
Here at Alphabet Childcare we have many many years of experience. We compromise nothing for quality and what we do. We provide professionalism with a service to match. We have experienced social workers on hand to meet your every need. Why not call us now for a quote. And as we always say no harm in asking. We even best any genuine like for like quote.

Practical Support