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Social Work

  • Accessing benefits, grants and financial support                          
  • Getting to appointments
  • Establishing routines Using local services or specialist support
  • Getting involved with your local community
  • Offering a shoulder to cry on                                
  • Sharing their own experiences of parenting and family life                             
  • Being there because they want to be – not because someone has '‘sent'' them         
  • Giving you a break                       
  • Offering advice if you ask for                             
  • Providing support, friendship and encouragement

The Appropriate Adult role was created by the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) 1984 with the intention of safeguarding the rights and welfare of vulnerable young people and adults in police custody. When someone is arrested and taken to a police station it is the responsibility of the custody officer (usually a police sergeant) to identify if the person is vulnerable. Those considered vulnerable are anyone who is, or appears (to the custody officer) to:
''We also offer all this support on a 1:1 basis for Parents with Learning Difficulties''

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We recognise that there is a shortage of transport services offering 1:1 escorting. We can help support individuals in need of additional support promoting independence and support and enabling individuals to reach their full potential. We can provide transport for vulnerable adults and children. We supply transport for children when parents are separate and contact arrangements are difficult.
An advocate might help you access information you need, or go with you to meetings or interviews, in a supportive role. In some cases, you might want your advocate to be more active. An advocate might write letters on your behalf, or speak for you in situations where you don’t feel able to speak for yourself.
Explore choices and options
Defend and promote their rights and responsibilities
Access information and services
Express their views and concerns

An advocate is someone who can both listen to you and speak for you in times of need. Advocacy in all its forms seeks to ensure that people are able to speak out, to express their views and defend their rights. For people who already experience discrimination and exclusion on the basis of their ethnic or cultural background, physical disability, gender, sexuality or age, it can create barriers to social inclusion. It can make voicing opinions, wants and needs almost impossible. Advocacy is a process of supporting and enabling people to:

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  • We will help you with practical tasks and emotional support such as:
Foster parents
Families where a parent is in the Armed Forces
Families where a parent is in prison
Families where social care or other agencies are involved
In any location, or for any gender, ethnicity or asylum/immigration status
Adoptive parents
Grandparents caring for grandchildren
Step parents
Lone parents
Married or unmarried couples
We support
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My schools

My disability

The country where I was born
Special memories
My birth family
Contact with my birth parents
My health
Things I know about myself
This durable and comprehensive workbook can be used flexibly by any child, including children with special needs and children adopted from abroad. Colour coded sections include space for drawings, photographs, documents and a record of feelings and thoughts at various stages in the child’s life. My Life and Me starts with ‘A Photograph of Me’. It is then divided into sections including:
For children separated from their birth families, life story work is one way of filling in the gaps about their lives and gives children a structured and understandable way of talking about themselves. My Life and Me provides a much-needed template to help children separated from their family of origin develop and record an accurate knowledge of their past and their family. Once completed, the book will provide them with a permanent record which they, and with their permission, the adults caring for them, can refer to at any time and which the child can carry with them through life.  
What's it all about
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An Appropriate Adult is different to a solicitor and does not give legal advice. An Appropriate Adult can be a family member, friend or a volunteer or social / health care professional. Our Appropriate Adult Service is an independent support service for any vulnerable adult who comes into contact with the Criminal Justice System, whether as an alleged offender, victim or witness of a crime.
Facilitate communication between the vulnerable person and the police.
Support and advice to the vulnerable person.
If the custody officer considers someone to be vulnerable he or she has a duty to request the attendance of an Appropriate Adult. Further interviews with the person in custody cannot go ahead without an Appropriate Adult present. The role of the Appropriate Adult is to provide:
Have a learning disability or difficulty communicating and understanding things.
Have mental health difficulties.
Be aged less than 17 years.
An appropriate adult should be someone who is completely independent of the police and, where possible the interviewee. They should have a sound understanding of, and experience or training in, dealing with the needs of juveniles or mentally disordered people.
Our specialist service offers independent Social Work Assessments.  We use Children's Contact Services Ltd for all Social Work. Please visit their website for more details on the services they offer.
Independent social workers provide a wide range of services across health and social care, but this paper concentrates on the expert witness role in complex (and usually contentious) care proceedings concerning child protection and child welfare. In such cases the local authority will have intervened in a family because of concerns about child protection and/or neglect, and the children involved are likely to have been placed in foster care on the basis of emergency protection orders and interim care orders. Parents often dispute the validity of the concerns of the local authority, and are often highly defensive and/or hostile to the local authority social worker and the local authority as a whole. Many cases are complicated by the parents having complex psychosocial histories including combinations of: being abused as children, adverse experiences themselves of the 'care' system', learning difficulties, volatile interpersonal relationships, and drink/drug problems. (However, a significant minority of parents who become involved in contested care proceedings manifest few or none of such problems). 

Social Work Services We Provide

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We have access to the Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) for our candidates. This is not essential for registration, although we do advise our candidates to complete the process.  We ask that our candidates complete a Health and Criminal statement which we have had endorsed by Social Services. We also interview our candidates, going through all career history and applying for as many references as possible.