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provides crèches for all occasions to both the business and private sectors:

Alphabet Childcare  have a comprehensive temporary register of both qualified Nursery Nurses and unqualified Nursery assistants who can help you sort this problem at very short notice.  We also have quality candidates looking for permanent positions and for providing both temporary and permanent employees we offer a comprehensive service.  


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''Thank you so very much for looking after Charlie and Fred at Joe and Hannah's wedding on Saturday. They had a fantastic time - and seemed completely at ease and happy each time I looked in. That meant that we had a fantastic time too, for once able to have really decent conversations with people we hadn't seen for ages.''
Jo Unwin and Chris Morris

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First established in 1990 as Alphabet Childcare, we are a Bristol based agency providing a comprehensive childcare service, with Consultants in Bristol, Bath, North Somerset & Gloucestershire.  We have now developed links all over the South West.

Leaving children in the care of others is a very daunting process for parents and this agency specialises in providing competent, professional Nannies & Nursery Nurses.

As qualified & experienced Nursery Nurses we are confident that we can identify with parental anxieties and we do our utmost to ensure that every candidate registered with us is honest, reliable and can be fully trusted with the responsibility of caring for young children.

''Reach has been holding an Annual Family weekend for some yea​rs now...we have a whiteboard system where if a parent is needed their name is put on the board and they know to report to the crèche. In October 2003 ABC Childcare Crew superbly managed our crèche and our whiteboard remained blank for the first time ever.  I'd recommend them to anyone.''
Sue Stokes, National Co-ordinator, Reach - The Association for Children with Hand or Arm Deficiency

''We have used the expertise of the ABC Childcare Crew, who have provided professional, flexible and capable qualified nursery nurses. Our experiences with the ABC Childcare Crew have been positive ones, receiving testimonials like: "Their care has been invaluable - my little one didn't want to come away! It just felt good to leave my son with the crèche, and get on with some of the tests, without worrying about where he was, and what he was getting up to." 

Barbara Brown, Lead Equalities Officer, Avon Fire Brigade HQ

Here at Alphabet Childcare we believe in some certain key principles that will ensure you are provided the best services possible, we base these on some of the following:

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As your childs' welfare is our job, we have a dedicated childcare centre responsible for providing you the very best possible service there is. We accept nothing less.





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  • Our agency specialises in providing qualified and / or experienced Nannies & Mothers Helpers to individual families & Nursery Nurses, Assistants & Senior Staff to Day Nurseries for temporary or permanent, part time or full time child care. 

Social Work Services

Nanny Screening Services

​Alphabet Childcare originally began over 14yrs ago. We have a prestige reputation that has never failed our customers. We take pride in our staff and recognise the needs of the child. If you would like to join our team of expertise please contact us at

Supervised contact is a specialist service that we provide. All staff are fully trained and understand the complexities of supervised contact. For many children who enter the care system contact with their parent's is extremely important. This is where we can help. We provide supervisors for contact purposes throughout the South West and beyond.

  • ​Independent Social Work Assessments
  • Appropriate Adult Service
  • Life Story Work 
  • Advice and Practical Support in the home
  • 1:1 Support for Parents with Learning Difficulties
  • Advocacy
  • ​Transport Services 

All of the Crèches we facilitate are staffed by qualified nursery nurses, supported by experienced nursery assistants, managed by us.

  • Conferences
  • AGMs
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Festivals

Be apart of our training. We deliver the following courses:

If you're hiring a nanny yourself, and want help with all the essentials, our Nanny Screening Services are ideal for you and a service we provide. We are here to help. We can provide:

What We Believe

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Alphabet Childcare is a trading name used by Bristol Children's Contact Services Ltd, Registered in England and Wales at 184a Henleaze Road, Henleaze, Bristol, BS9 4NE, Registration Number. 08423624

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POSITION: Child Protection assignments, including supervision of contacts and parenting workshops. Essential that you have childcare qualification, at least 2 years post qualifying experience & a current CRB.  Please call for more information. Excellent hourly rate.


POSITION: This family with one boy aged 4 years would like a nanny to come and in the morning to carry out the morning routine of breakfast and preparing and walking to school. The position is term time and mornings only and the family are happy to accept BTWM’s and nanny shares.

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We also have opportunities for Crèche work and evening / week-end babysitting on a regular or   ad-hoc basis.


If you have any questions about our services please contact AlphabetChildcare.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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Are you a family looking for Childcare? Please register here with Our Agency and we will find the right carer for you and your family. No Fuss!


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